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“Stadler” system was installed in Akhalkalaki international railway station

“Marabda-Kartsakhi Railway” LLC takes responsibility to provide management of BTK new railway line construction. Within the framework of the project, 1520 mm post-soviet gauge tracks are connected to 1435 mm European tracks on the territory of Akhalkalaki international railway station. According to the developed project, rolling stock will automatically continue operation on European standard gauge-tracks without delay.

Contract about purchase of wheel-set automated changing system was officially signed between “Stadler” and MK Railway LLC on 06 June 2018, in Bussnang, Switzerland. This system will provide automated transition of passenger coach bogies from 1520 mm tracks to 1435 mm gauge tracks, without slowdown of the speed (5-15 km per hour) and vs.

In scope of the above-mentioned, a visit of Swiss and German specialists Akhalkalaki international railway station was organized by Stadler to on 4 December. The technical personnel provided installation of the wheel-set automated changing system.

“Stadler” is a Swiss company, manufacturing trains and various sorts of railway systems since 1942. This played tremendous role for MK railway to decide and choose this company which is distinguished by high quality and innovative technologies. The system, installed on the territory of Akhalkalaki international railway station, have been created through collaboration of Stadler and “Voestapline” –  German company.