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26.142 km 1435 gauge European standard track was laid on R/C sleepers through the new section of Akhalkalaki-Kartsakhi. 53 structures, including 5 bridges, were constructed; one of them is a bridge over river Kirbulakhi, which does not have equal in post-soviet area.

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74 km track was rehabilitated on Tsalka-Akhalkalaki section, 55.829 km was arranged with continuous welded rails.

133 of 149  structures located at Tsalka-Akhalkalaki section were rehabilitated and reconstructed.

4 new viaducts, 8 protecting concrete walls and 4 snow protection galleries, with total length 2.5  Km were constructed. 4 viaducts and 4 galleries were constructed using the latest technologies. The viaducts and the galleries were  assembled from corrugated galvanized metal constructions.

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49.7 km track is under rehabilitation on Tetritskaro-Tsalka section. It includes laying of 37.6 km continuous welded track with new R-65 type rails and r/c sleepers.

This section also includes  Chivchavi passing track with length 3.7 km. 12.1 km long jointed track will be arranged with R-65 type rails and timber sleepers.

103 of 114 structures located at Tetritskaro-Tsalka section are under rehabilitation-reconstruction. 3 new viaducts, 4 r/c pipes, 1 protecting concrete wall, 1 bridge and 1 landslide protection structure  will be constructed.

Construction of 3 viaducts will be performed using the latest “Viacon” technology. The viaducts will be assembled from corrugated galvanized metal constructions.

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VI stage – New Constructing Section of Akhalkalaki-Kartsakhi

Construction of 154 m double-track railway bridge across river Kirbulakhi (in Akhalkalaki) has been completed. Construction of technical, customs’ control and border service buildings is also finished. 51 structures (incl. 3 bridges) were constructed, basic earth works were executed, 21,6 km track was laid, ballasting and track alignment works are under way; 21,6 km continuous track was arranged, 4 new viaducts were constructed; 26 sets of UIC-60 type 1/11 grade switches were installed in station Kartsakhi; 10 kV overhead power supply system was constructed at station Kartsakhi.

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Akhalkalaki Station

IV stage – Akhalkalaki station terminal: Building and constructional parts of Akhalkalaki terminal, interior and exterior facing works, installation of inner engineering networks and equipments for heating-ventilation-conditioning  systems, as well as vertical planning of the territory and arrangement works have been completed.

V stage – Akhalkalaki railway station: Construction of concrete areas for container and bulk freight was completed in the freight yard; 40 t container crane was installed; 9 km rail track of various designation was laid and 37 sets of switches were installed; construction of traction sub-station was completed, installation and adjustment works of open and inner distribution equipments are under way; basic construction works of railway and motor-car scales were finished and construction of relevant cabins is under way; construction works in scope of underground communications,  wagon bogie-changing area and other basic engineering-technical buildings and structures are underway.

2 gantry cranes were installed within wagon bogie-changing area.

It should be mentioned that Akhalkalaki is already provided with a fascinating and European standard building of modern architecture designed by the world-famous German architect, Jurgen Mayer.

In the short run this station will provide freight, as well as, passenger transportation.

The latest, up-to-date trains will be operated through Baku-Tbilisi-Istanbul railway.

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Iron Silk Road

ბაქო-მარაბდა 570კმ

მარაბდა-თეთრიწყარო 29,2 კმ

თეთრიწყარო-წალკა 49,7 კმ,

წალკა-ახალქალაქი 74,1 კმ

ახალქალაქი-კარწახი, 27 კმ

კარწახი-ყარსი 75,6 კმ

Kars Baku Tbilisi TURKEY Kartsakhi
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Ministry of Economic and Sustainable Development of Georgia

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